Automatic Water Shutoff Valves

Automatic Water Shutoff Valves

The water security system monitors and protects your home from leaks and water.

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Automatic Water Shutoff Valves

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Bring smart plumbing to your home. Water security systems monitor and protect your property from leaks and water damage with a single smart water valve. These systems are installed on the main water supply line of the property. Through the mobile app or your web browser, you can see water use, water flow rates, pressure, and even temperature. If the smart water valve detects an issue (e.g. high pressure, freezing water or a small leak) it will alert you through the app so you can fix it before that issue causes damage. If there's a catastrophic failure, like a burst pipe or someone leaves the water running, you'll be alerted in the app allowing you to shut the water off - no matter where you are.

Each installation takes approximately up to 2 hours and the water will be off to the home during that time.

Prior to your installation we will need to know the following:

1. Is there a power outlet within 10' of the water main pipe going into your home? All valves, no matter the brand, require power.

Appropriate extension cord(s) may be purchased at the time of installation or some customers choose to get an outlet installed near the water main pipe (electrician required, we do not provide).

2. Pictures of the main water pipe going into home are recommended to ease the experience and prepare our professionals.

3. Is there a Wifi signal & service near the water pipe going into your home?

Please have your WiFi username and password ready so we may pair the unit.

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