Smart Water Sensors

Smart Water Sensors

The Smart Water Sensor alerts you the moment it comes in contact with water.

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Smart Water Sensors

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Don’t worry about leaks or floods in your basement, under your sinks, from your water heater or anywhere else in the house. The Smart Water Sensors alert you the moment they contact water. You can also set custom alert thresholds for temperature and/or humidity.

Together we will determine how many sensors   to bring and where they will go. Our professional will pair each sensor with the customer's app.  Afterwards, the technician will place paired sensors in strategic locations.

When thinking about how many sensors are needed to adequately protect your home, the point-of leak sensors should be placed in these specific locations:

  • Under kitchen sink
  • One sensor for each water-using appliance within the kitchen: dishwasher, refrigerator, wine cooler
  • Each water using device in the living area (e.g. wet bar, master breakfast bar, ice maker etc.)   
  • Washing machine in all laundry areas
  • Bathrooms (full & half baths) larger bathrooms may require more than one sensor. Priority should be given to each: under sink/vanity, toilet, bathtub or shower.
  • Heating/cooling unit (e.g. furnace, heat pump, humidifier, PTAC, steam radiator)
  • Water heater (preferably within a pan if it exists)
  • Rooftop terraces (if present) should have a sensor covering doors/entry. It is a good idea to put one near the balcony for potential exterior water intrusion
  • Sump pump (if present)

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