Insurance Benefits of Installing an Automatic Water Shutoff Valve

Installing an automatic water shutoff valve offers insurance benefits such as preventing water damage and reducing insurance claims.

Insurance Benefits of Installing an Automatic Water Shutoff Valve
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June 5, 2023

Water damage can wreak havoc on your property, causing extensive structural damage, mold growth, and ruined belongings. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help prevent or minimize water-related disasters—installing an automatic water shutoff valve. Not only does this innovative device provide protection and peace of mind, but it also offers several insurance benefits that can save you from financial burdens and reduce the frequency of insurance claims. Insurance companies have a particular interest in these kinds of devices that are proven to prevent the frequency of claims by as much as 96% and 72% by severity; for homeowners, this means you can enjoy various incentives like premium insurance discounts for installing one on your property. 

Beagle Services installs these kinds of systems every day, and can help you throughout the entire process. And, even after installation, we can continue to help as your trusted water security partner by monitoring your automatic water shutoff valve's alerts alongside you; with 24/7 monitoring, Watchdog is on guard and helps you get service from a local plumber following a leak or plumbing-related alert by sending a call-to-action by text or email to you or your assigned Watcher(s). Reducing water damage is possible when proved technology meets trusted service.

In this blog post, we will explore the various insurance benefits of installing an automatic water shutoff valve. From preventing water damage to reducing insurance premiums, these benefits highlight the importance of this simple yet effective device. Additionally, we will discuss how an automatic water shutoff valve enhances protection during periods of absence and offers peace of mind, making it an invaluable addition to any home, especially as summer approaches.

Installing an automatic water shutoff valve can provide several insurance benefits, including:

1. Prevention of water damage:

One of the most significant benefits of an automatic water shutoff valve is its ability to prevent water damage to your property. The valve detects abnormal water flow patterns, such as leaks or bursts, and automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent further damage. This quick response can minimize the extent of water-related losses, such as structural damage, mold growth, and ruined belongings. Automatic shutoff valves can even connect to smart water sensors to provide better whole-home protection. Automatic water shutoff valves monitor the plumbing's supply-line side, while smart water sensors help protect the drain-side. If a sensor anywhere in the home detects a leak, it can communicate with the automatic shutoff valve to turn off all water entering the home, as to prevent continuous flow that may exacerbate the effects of a leak as they pertain to water loss and damage. Automatic water shutoff valves are often managed via an app on your smartphone that allows you to control your water anywhere from your fingertips, whether it's turning the water back on after a shut-off, running a pressure-loss test on your supply line to test for microleaks, or seeing past water events by fixture.

2. Reduction of insurance claims:

By preventing or minimizing water damage, an automatic water shutoff valve can reduce the frequency and severity of insurance claims related to water incidents. This can result in lower insurance premiums over time, as the risk of water-related damage is mitigated. Many insurance companies even offer a discount on insurance premiums to homeowners who have a flow-based automatic water shutoff device installed.

Some companies offer an even higher discount to systems that include a monitored alarm, which Watchdog by Beagle can provide for multiple shutoff systems including Phyn and Flo by Moen. With Watchdog, Beagle Services helps homeowners manage smart water security systems through 24/7 monitoring, and calls-to action alerts to help the homeowner schedule service with a water security expert and resolve the issue detected by the device. It's important to note that insurance policies and coverage may vary depending on the provider and region. To fully understand the specific insurance benefits of installing an automatic water shutoff valve, it's recommended to consult with your insurance provider. They can provide detailed information on any potential premium discounts, policy changes, or other benefits associated with this type of device.

3. Enhanced protection during periods of absence:

If you're away from home for an extended period, an automatic water shutoff valve offers added security and protection. It can help safeguard your property from potential leaks or plumbing failures that might occur in your absence. This can be particularly beneficial during vacations, business trips, or seasonal absences when you may not be able to respond quickly to water-related issues.Automatic water shutoff valves also give you the ability to remotely control your water, so that you can, for example, turn on or off your home's water from anywhere or run a plumbing health test to check for leaks. As summer is approaching, installing an automatic water shutoff valve can help you keep your property secure while you're away! Beagle Services can also monitor your automatic water shutoff valve to give an additional layer of protection through 24/7 monitoring provided by Watchdog.

4. Peace of mind:

Knowing that your home is equipped with an automatic water shutoff valve can provide peace of mind. Water damage can be financially and emotionally burdensome, so having an extra layer of protection can alleviate concerns about potential water-related incidents and their associated costs.

In conclusion, installing an automatic water shutoff valve offers multiple insurance benefits that can significantly enhance your home's protection and provide you with peace of mind. By preventing water damage through the detection of abnormal water flow patterns, these devices can save you from extensive structural damage, mold growth, and ruined belongings. Moreover, they can reduce the frequency and severity of insurance claims, potentially leading to lower insurance premiums over time. Beagle Services specializes in installing automatic water shutoff valves and provides ongoing monitoring services through Watchdog, ensuring that you receive prompt assistance in the event of a leak or plumbing-related alert. During periods of absence, these devices offer enhanced protection, allowing you to remotely control your water and safeguard your property even when you're away. The sense of security and peace of mind that an automatic water shutoff valve provides is invaluable, especially as summer approaches. Consult with your insurance provider to fully understand the specific benefits, premium discounts, and policy changes associated with installing this device. Take proactive measures to protect your property from water-related disasters and enjoy the benefits of a more secure and worry-free home.

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